• Thermal reflective plastic paint supplies

Thermal reflective plastic paint supplies

Hoang Phu HP-TECH company provides thermoplastic road reflective paint products including: Thermoplastic paint powder, glass beads, primer. Please contact us for the best advice on road marking supplies.


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Hoang Phu HP-TECH Co., Ltd provides reflective thermoplastic paints for large-scale projects, HP-TECH has provided a volume of reflective thermoplastic paint for many traditional partners in the road traffic industry. , HP-TECH's reflective thermoplastic paint powder has foreign origin or domestic origin depending on the requirements of each Project.

In addition to thermoplastic thermoplastic paint powder HP-TECH also provides all kinds of materials for road marking paint such as Glassbeads glass beads, Primer primer.

HP-TECH is a reputable supplier in providing road markings, in addition to providing materials, Hoang Phu HP-TECH also conducts package road marking paint, the unit price is determined according to paint surface area.

 Thermoplastic paint of HP-TECH has supplied thermoplastic paint powder for many large projects across the country, certified by laboratories with the certification of meeting the American standard AASHTO M249 - 98, institute standards. British standard BS3262 Part 1: 1989, Japanese industry standard JIS K5665 and Vietnamese standard 22TCN 282 - 02. With the advantages and different features such as color, adhesion, abrasion resistance,. .., thermoplastic paint provided by HP-TECH is trusted by major partners.

Process of construction of reflective thermoplastic paint
The construction process of thermoplastic paint includes the following steps:

I. Prepare materials:

Materials used are white or yellow thermoplastic paint powder, primer, reflective particle. Quality assurance products with full clear origin certificates and samples for testing at institutes, measurement centers, LAS rooms have full functions to check before conducting construction at construction sites. . Ensure project standards set out.

II. Set of paint lines:

- Painting machine: 01 piece

- Spreader: 1 piece

- Road blowing machine: 01 piece

- Road marking machine: 01 piece

- Cars with loading capacity of 1.25 tons to 5 tons: 01 pieces

- The system itself ensures traffic safety: 01 set

- Routing device: 01 set

- Other auxiliary equipment ...

III. Construction method:

1. Clean the construction surface: Remove soil, sand, dirt, grease to ensure the road surface is completely clean, dry and not pitted or protruding, ...

2. Mark positions: Locate, measure and pre-place marks with theodolite, hydrology, tape measure, marking wire, pointing machine

3. Process first:

- Construction of primer roller with a thin layer, wider than the width of the marked line

- Allow the primer to dry completely, remove sand and dirt on the primer surface if available due to the construction site environment.

- The coverage of the primer is 20g / 1m for the width of the paint line is 15cm

4. Melting thermoplastic paint materials:

- Pour the thermoplastic paint powder into the pot to cook the paint, heat, then stir until it reaches the uniform ripeness

- Melting temperature is maintained between 180-220oC

- Do not exceed the specified temperature, this will cause the paint to change color, reduce the quality of paint or the temperature is lower than the temperature allowed to make the paint live without being constructed.

5. Construction:

- Pour the melted thermoplastic paint into the container of the paint sprayer

- Heating in the container of the paint dispenser and the paint base at 180-220oC

- During construction, glass marbles are sprinkled on the surface (If needed) from the glass marbles container (25g / m for 15cm wide paint line)

- Do not apply when the ambient temperature is> 72oC or <5oC, the weather is wet and rainy

6. Dryness:

- Drying time is about 5 minutes for paint line with thickness of 2.0mm, depending on the ambient temperature

- Liberation of road traffic after checking to confirm that the paint line has been dry and stable (Best after about 5-10 minutes)

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