• Households, Corrugated iron

Households, Corrugated iron

Soft guard or corrugated iron is often used in road sections that often occur in traffic spokes to warn and minimize the severity of hitting a corrugated wall.


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Household wall, soft spread, corrugated iron, corrugated HP-TECH
At present, transport specialized departments are actively installing soft spreading wall systems at locations where accidents often occur, or sections of curves and pass roads in an effort to reduce the number of deaths and casualties. With their supernormal capabilities, the soft spreading wall will prevent vehicles beyond the scope of roads and play an important role in saving lives when an accident occurs. HP-TECH implements and installs soft spreading households and related accessories. We always provide high quality soft spread service that is accepted by the Consultant and the Owner.

Our soft-spread household products are of good quality with the flexibility of corrugated iron sheets, the quality of hot-dip galvanized. Corrugated iron meets the standards according to the project requirements.

The quality of the household wall must ensure the properties of the flexural strength of the steel according to the permitted standards, especially the quality of hot-dip galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and must use high-quality zinc The product has a high standard in the market, the hot dip galvanizing process must also reach the thickness of zinc layer according to the requirements of each Project. With that criterion, Hoang Phu HP-TECH Company desires to give customers the best quality wall coverings.

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