• Road paint, traffic paint

Road paint, traffic paint

HP-TECH is the contractor for construction of road painted by thermoplastic paint, traffic painters. We have implemented many large projects across the country from highways, national highways, provincial roads to industrial parks, urban areas, factories, wharves, ...


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Hoang Phu HP-TECH Co., Ltd is a contractor specializing in construction of road traffic paint, including types: road marking paint, traffic paint, thermoplastic reflective paint, car park paint, paint factory line, line dividing warehouse space for factories, road marking paint. Implementing thermoplastic road marking paint projects for highways, national highways, provincial roads, industrial zones, urban areas, driving gangs, golf courses, strip paint parking basement, paint paint factory, ... Paint materials use thermoplastic reflective paint in accordance with national technical standards for road signs QCVN 41: 2016 / BGTVT and in accordance with the standards International like BS3262, AASHTO. With a team of engineers with expertise in the field of traffic safety, HP-TECH skilled workers desire to bring customers fast and perfect construction services, ensuring prestige and quality. amount.

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Traffic paint is thermoplastic paint or oil based paint, water-based paint, rubber-based paint. Traffic paint used for road marking on surfaces such as asphalt road, concrete surface, epoxy surface, ... Traffic paint used for road marking for asphalt and concrete roads, paint for car park for basement areas, factory paint for factories, paint on epoxy floor, ...

Paint road markings most of road works using thermoplastic paint, other works can be used to paint water lines, oil systems, rubber systems specifically used for road marking to draw signal lines , traffic lanes. However, road marking paints use traffic paint for water, oil and rubber systems to ensure the color, adhesion and abrasion resistance for a period of time as required.

The basement items include: basement paint, column corner bar, rear bumper block, speed bumps, convex spherical mirrors, basement signage, epoxy paint, ... The basement is painted on concrete or epoxy floor, with a staff of experienced HP-TECH providing materials and construction of all basement items, ensuring prestige, quality, Good service gives customers perfect products.

 HP-TECH participated in Designing works on road marking paint, providing road marking equipment and machinery with partners to bid for projects on traffic assurance.

HP-TECH supplies all kinds of materials for sugar paint such as: Paint cookers, paint sprayers, thread markers, reflective thermoplastic paint, reflective glass beads, glue liner.

Here are some pictures of him on the construction of road paint, traffic paint, thermoplastic thermoplastic paint that HP-TECH had the opportunity to record in many works that HP-TECH participated in design and construction. . And pictures of road marking equipment.

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Xe tải phục vụ sơn kẻ đường: Công trình Xây dựng tuyến đường giao thông số II thuộc dự án Rừng quốc gia Đền Hùng


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Thi công sơn kẻ vạch bãi đỗ xe tòa nhà Keang Nam


 Sơn kẻ vạch bãi đỗ xe tòa nhà Keang Nam


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