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Road traffic

Hoang Phu (HP-TECH) is a contractor specializing in designing and executing traffic safety items including: road marking paint, traffic paint, thermoplastic reflective paint, soft corrugated iron spread, lan bridges and roads, traffic signs, separators, ...


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Hoang Phu (HP-TECH) is a contractor specializing in traffic paint construction, including road marking paint with thermoplastic reflective paint, providing traffic signs, soft spreads, bridge railings, separation tracks, .. We have constructed road marking for important roads such as Highway 5 (Hai Duong, Hung Yen), Highway 10 (Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh), Highway 32 Dien-Nhon , Lang-Hoa Lac highway and provincial roads in almost all provinces in the country, industrial zones, urban areas, road bridges, factory-painted paint, plots of paint warehouse area in the factory ... Especially we are the Contractor for construction of road marking paint for driving tests, airports, ports, industrial parks, urban areas with click specifications t As in reality, there are some projects that have to be constructed on concrete pavement very difficult, construction of paint lines must be accurate in combination with automation system to control the signals for the exam candidates. . HP-TECH is a company with many experienced Electrical-automation engineers, so the construction of road marking paint combined with the understanding in the field of automation, therefore, the construction of driving tests is a very strong advantage of HP-TECH.
Thermoplastic reflective traffic paint is used to line roads for highways, national highways, provincial roads on asphalt surfaces or painted lines for buildings, workshops, basement paint areas. concrete or Epoxy background. In addition, traffic paint also has other types such as water-based traffic paint, oil-based traffic, plastic-based, chlorinated rubber. At present, with modern technology, transportation techniques have high heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant properties, which have contributed to beautifying roads, industrial parks, urban areas, warehouse and basement areas. as well as ports ... Especially traffic paint to ensure traffic instructions for people and vehicles in traffic are safe.

With a wealth of experience in the field of traffic assurance, Hoang Phu HP-TECH will provide customers with the best solutions for road marking paint, perfect service combined with experience, understanding in the Law of delivery. Road clearance HP-TECH ensures customers with the best quality works, ensuring safety for people and vehicles.

The works of road marking paint that HP-TECH has constructed: Road 5, Road 10, Lang-Hoa Lac Highway, driving test of the school 14-Tam Diep, Hoa Vuong-Nam Dinh urban area , provincial road 398-Bac Giang and routes in Hanoi ... and until now we have implemented a lot of projects on road paint, household walls and traffic signs as well as works. about basement traffic organization.

Hoang Phu Company (HP-TECH) has been giving customers the best services, high quality products that meet the domestic and foreign standards.

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