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Thermoplastic Reflective Road Marking, Hot melt Thermoplastic Traffic paint in Viet Nam, HP-TECH in Viet Nam
Hoang Phu trading Technology Technical Consultants Joint Stock Company (HP-TECH) is a Company in Vietnam active in the areas include: Design and construction of Electrical systems - Automation. Provide materials, machinery, equipment and construction of traffic. Technology solution provider, designing, constructing items waste water treatment, solid waste treatment and waste. Electrical equipment supplier - Automation, the transport sector and the environmental sector. Epoxy floor paint factory.
1. Design, equipment supply and construction of electrical systems, automation, telephone, fire protection systems. Implementation of the project supply and installation of power generators from 1KVA to 1000KVA. Central air conditioning systems. Light power system (computer networks, telecommunications). Especially the design and installation of CCTV system is responsible for anti-theft warning, etc.
2. Road Traffic: Construction of all kind of mutual interdependence, eel, corrugated iron. Railing, median strips. Supplying and erecting traffic signs. Line up paint, traffic paintthermoplastic reflective road marking paintpaint line car park, bar factories, and the last bar driving test, who outlined golf,paint lines for internal factories and workshop. Made items including basement: corner paneled column, block back vehicles, deceleration edge, the convex mirror, basement signs, painted black gold pole, etc. This is one of the strengths of the Hoang Phu, products and services of HP-TECH national technical regulation on road signs QCVN 41: 2012/BGTVT and meet international standards as BS3262, AASHTO
· Traffic Paint consist of kind of thermoplastic reflective road marking paint or oil-based paints, water-based paint, rubberised paint. Traffic paintused for who outlines road surfaces as: A paved asphalt, concrete surface, the surface of epoxy, etc. Traffic paint used to paint the man pointed the way for road asphalt and asphalt, concrete, paint line to the basement car park, bar who paint buildings for factories, epoxy floor paint line.
· Basement construction items include: Safety paints (paint line for basement), corner guard (corner paneled bar column), wheel stopper (block back after vehicles), speed hump (deceleration edge), traffic mirror (convex mirror), signs guide basement, paint who outlined epoxy, etc. Paint guys basement stripe painted on concrete or epoxy floor.
· Transportation of materials and equipment: HP-TECH provides equipment. HP-TECH is the main dealer for its Tiles, decoration, sanitary ware, mirrors, etc. Especially HP-TECH is a big supplier of all kinds of traffic coating equipment line include: Cooker painting, paint spraying, shows paint spraying. HP-TECH offers the reflective thermoplastic paints, adhesive lined, glass beads.
3. Waste water treatment: With advanced waste water treatment technology we will provide customers with an optimal technology solutions to achieve effluent standards of Vietnam as well as international standards out.
4. Equipments: HP-TECH specializes in providing equipment Transport sector, Environment, Electrical, Automation, Fire protection, including:
Environmental equipment industry: HP-TECH offers the pump imported from USA, Japan, Italy, England, France, Germany
including submersible pumps, sand pumps, mud pumps, chemical dosing pumps, gas distribution systems together with air blowers.
Electrical equipment, water: transformers, generators and transformers, water purifiers, air compressors, industrial machines, etc.
Fire fighting equipment: fire extinguisher foam, powder. Central control panel, smoke detector (Smoke), the Heat (Heat) and the wheel spray hose, fire pump automatically, etc.
Telephone equipment, network equipment: including the type of telephone with a full range of input and output at the request of the customer, HP-TECH consultancy, supply and installation of all types of telephone, from the line to the ext.
Surge protector: Lightning of the companies like STOMASTER, GUARDIAN, etc. A lightning protection system consists of: Lightning rod first direct rays protection radius, depending on the characteristics of each project, the metal support column lightning,  bare copper, PVC coated copper cable and connector types, belt clip, etc. HP-TECH consulting, design and installation of the entire system.
Painting equipment line way: paint cooker, air paint spraying, who only, base paint spraying, etc.
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Hoang Phu trading technology technical consultants joint stock company
Address: 28, 58/3 alley, Tran Binh street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Mobile: +84-934334499                  Tel: +84-4-37684283
Website: www.hp-tech.com.vn
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