• Basement traffic

Basement traffic

Internal line marking system, basement markings, signboards, reversing bars, corner bars, rubber speed bumps, convex bridge mirrors, numbered paint. Vehicle control system: Barrier, safety guard, panoramic camera, number plate, control software, card reader, ...


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Hoang Phu HP-TECH Company is the Contractor for construction of items to ensure basement traffic such as: Paint the car park. Paint black and gold on foot, foot of wall. Rubber column corner bar. Rubber car reversal. Rubber speed humps. Convex mirror. Basement signage. Reflective nails. Traffic target piles. Soft divider.

 Car-scratching paint coatings include motorcycle barn paint, car barbed paint with thermoplastic paint, water-based traffic paint, epoxy paint paint, car-park markings to ensure proper size In order for the vehicles to get in and out easily, in addition to the basement, there must be the arrows pointing the way, the lane dividing line for the vehicles to travel and park in the right place. Paint black and gold on foot, foot of wall is a type of traffic paint with water system, paint with reflective or non-reflective, painted with black and gold legs, footwork requires technical skills to ensure quality Beauty. The rubber bar corner column depends on the specific requirements of each project, but it is possible to use different types of column corner bars with different sizes. Backing up rubber vehicles is installed at the bottom of the car stall, the purpose is to let the car back into the barn to touch the rubber backing back to make sure the rear end does not rub against the wall or to the other end. Rubber speed humps have the effect of reducing the speed of vehicles in dangerous areas that need to reduce speed, rubber speed humps have many different sizes. Convex bridge mirrors are installed in the curve section, the folding line of the obscured vision, the convex mirror is the wide-angle mirror that helps the driver to observe the obstructed road, the protruding mirror. Made of stainless steel material or PC plastic.

 Corner column bars, rubber backward blockers, rubber speed bumps, convex bridge mirrors, reflective nails, traffic spindles are imported from China, South Korea or Vietnam.

  HP-TECH provides an automated vehicle control solution, intelligent vehicle control. Smart parking management system is an integrated system of advanced technologies and modern equipment such as surveillance by surveillance camera system, control of vehicle traffic in and out with the magnetic card system, identification of number plates ... The goal of the solution is:

* Control every turn in / out.

     - Access control: Customers entering the yard will receive 1 smart card from the parking staff. At the same time, the camera will capture an image of the event image for comparison when entering / leaving the gate. On it shows the date and time information in the yard with the vehicle event image and a sequence of numbers from the card reader to the device. The information is stored by the computer for checking and comparing when necessary

     - Control the vehicle: Customers give the card to the car holder, the card is read into the card reader to check and compare the information at the time including the suitability of the card, photos, date and time in the yard. Appropriate information The system will announce the amount to be collected by the customer.

     - For regular customers, use the monthly card when entering / leaving the yard, give the card to the car holder to read into the card reader, the system automatically updates and controls the validity of the card, to determine the vehicle in and out. yards.

* Manage exact fee collection, prevent loss in fee collection.

     - Each card issued is a different card to ensure no cards overlap, thus avoiding the case of losses in the fee.

   Smart car control system gains many benefits: Reducing labor, saving time for customers, ... The system can be integrated with the building's elevator system, stable, easy to operate, ensure honey.

 Hoang Phu HP-TECH company provides all kinds of transportation materials: thermoplastic, bar angle bar, reversing block, speed humps, convex spherical mirrors, reflective nails, traffic spindles. Or as a whole, providing materials and construction.

 At present, it is necessary to paint car parks, strip paint of basement areas, painted lines to divide traffic flow for buildings, it is necessary to ensure the traffic means of right traffic. traffic, avoid accidents or cause traffic jams. With experience and a team of engineers and skilled workers. HP-TECH has carried out items to ensure large and typical basement traffic such as Building of General Department of Customs, VNPT Building, Military Technical Academy building, Apartment complex of Discovery Complex 302 Bridge Paper, rural newspaper today, ...

 Below are the images of basement traffic guarantee that HP-TECH has implemented including: Car parking streaking paint, black-and-gold foot-painted paint, reversing car parking, column corner bars, speed humps High and convex sentence mirror.

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Lắp đặt chặn lùi xe cao su

Install block back rubber car

With a wealth of experience, HP-TECH has been implementing construction drawing design, estimating according to the State unit price for all works of basement traffic distribution.

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