Construction of basement traffic is safe and effective

Currently with housing infrastructure systems, high-class apartment buildings, commercial centers have been built more and more so the design and  construction of basement traffic  becomes necessary and important More important than ever. In order to save space and stabilize the vehicle system, the basement has been applied. Today's HP-TECH article will introduce to you specialized paints in basement traffic system.

Common paints used for construction of basement traffic

  • Son guys CADIN

CADIN markings are made from acrylic plastic components. Often used a lot in basement traffic flow. The paint has many features such as high abrasion resistance from good traffic equipment and chemical resistance, which can withstand resistance in alkaline and moisture environments.

  • Painting Seamaster 6200 road

This type of paint is composed of chlorinate rubber resin, with a high degree of finish. The Seamaster 6200 paint has outstanding properties such as quick drying, good covering ability. At the same time, high durability, good resistance to abrasion, slippery, anti-soluble asphalt.

construction of basement traffic

Construction and installation of convex and mirror mirrors

Instructions for  construction of basement traffic are  safe and effective

Step 1: Prepare the surface

- The surface should be clean and free from grease or dirt ...

- The surface must be completely dry, free from moisture

Step 2: Construction

- Need to stir  basement traffic  before using. Note to stir deep into the bottom of the barrel to make sure the paint does not settle.

- Mix 5-10% solvent CADIN Thiner paint and stir the ingredients before use.

- Tape the tape to the sides of the line to limit the paint flowing out of the line area.

- Use brush and roller devices to roll evenly to the basement surface to complete the construction of the basement .

effective construction of basement traffic

Paint black gold on the wall

Benefits of basement traffic construction

The application of thermoplastic paint system, epoxy paint paint, water traffic paint will make parking of vehicles easier. The vehicles when going in and out are arranged in order, so it will avoid unnecessary collisions, making the traffic easier and more comfortable.

Besides, in the  construction of basement traffic,  it is indispensable to have the arrows to show the direction for the vehicles to follow the regulations. Corner columns are made of soft rubber with good elasticity, can be reflected in the dark, so it is used in commercial centers, high-end apartment buildings. Because these are places where there is a lot of traffic, causing a lot of difficulties to stop parking in the lane, sometimes there are collisions between cars and pillars causing unfortunate economic consequences. In addition, the installation of the column corners to minimize the damage to the car and the infrastructure of the building, moreover with beautiful design, compact with high aesthetics will beautify the basement.

These are the basement paints as well as the  most effective and safe way to  build basement traffic . Hopefully the article has brought you more useful information.


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