Paint lines and workshops and basic knowledge

Vietnam is entering a period of industrialization and modernization, so more and more garment factories and factories are growing. It means that more and more factories will be launched to serve the production and supply of products. Thus, the role of the factory becomes more important than ever and to ensure safety and increase the life of the factory, people use factory-painted paint. So kind of  traffic paint  is suitable for workshops. Let's find out with HP-TECH!

Currently, the demand for paints is increasing, but each type of paint has its own characteristics suitable for different purposes. With the characteristics of the factory is quite low space, many machines, equipment and workers need a  factory-painted paint to  meet the requirements such as: ensure no fading by time, lines clear and sharp paint strokes ... it is a headache problem. And to solve that problem. In today's article, HP-TECH will introduce to you the most popular pre-painted paint coatings due to the outstanding features that it brings.

paint the workshop

High definition, easy to see


Characteristics of painted lines of factories

+ Origin: As a type of oil-based paint, rubberized original paint, water-based paint should have extremely good thermoplastic properties, often used to make road markings such as on surface of epoxy, concrete surface, basement, asphalt road,  parking lot  paint or line drawing for factories. 

+ Construction for many different construction items with many prestigious paint designs with high quality, we are committed to bringing our customers the best quality epoxy construction services with the product lines. Very affordable strip paint suitable for the needs of each individual customer.

Why should choose epoxy paint for factory paint

With outstanding advantages along with affordable prices, epoxy paint is the most popular type of paint for factory use.

- Very easy to clean, waterproof, dust free.

Paint workshop lines clearly identifying machine areas

Paint workshop lines clearly identifying machine areas

- Being able to bear friction and can withstand strong and frequent impacts without affecting the quality of the factory floor.

- High abrasion resistance: over time, other materials may be worn out, but when you use epoxy paint, it is completely resistant to abrasion.

- Factory line paint can easily withstand high gravity: up to 5 tons, car lift in and out freely without fear of scratching paint.

- Chemical resistance and prevent chemical corrosion.

- With high color fastness, no color fading over time.

- Resistant to heat and antistatic.

- Epoxy paint has a variety of colors to help you choose freely according to your purpose and interests.

Above are some characteristics as well as outstanding advantages of  factory-painted paint . Hopefully the article has brought you many useful information.

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