Price quote for HP - TECH road marking paint

Today, the road traffic system in Vietnam is growing. National highways are increasingly expanded and upgraded. Also with the development of technology, many new technologies are being applied to transport systems to create safety for the circulation. One of them must include traffic paint lines  road paint using thermoplastic reflective paint powder. This is one of the important factors in guiding traffic. Below is the price list for road marking paint, thermoplastic paint powder provided by HP-TECH.

What is sugar-based paint?

Road paint is made from thermoplastic paint when melting at 180 0 C to 220 0 C in a specialized device.

Integrated with stabilizers and formulated with appropriate proportions has created road marking paint with high durability. Ensure good anti-wear, anti-slip properties. Colors and reflectance are in accordance with current TCVNs such as TCVN 8791: 2018, 22TCN282: 2002 and international standards such as BS3262, AASHTO M249, JIS. Paint does not reduce the life expectancy of the weather and the surrounding environment.

Price list for road marking paint

Trucks serving road paint: Construction project of traffic road No. II under Hung Temple National Forest project

Price list for road marking paint

This is the price list of all types of traffic paint, road paint we listed: For further information, please contact us for the best advice.

Quotation of thermoplastic road paint:


Paint type


Unit price


White and yellow thermoplastic traffic paint



Paint GTV

White and yellow thermoplastic traffic paint



Synthetic Paint

White and yellow thermoplastic traffic paint



Aspara paint

White and yellow thermoplastic traffic paint



DPI paint

Thermoplastic traffic paint



Road marking paint panel - Glass Glass beads and Primer primer 

Code Species Unit Unit price

Glass Beads

Standard reflective glass beads BS-6088



First Road marking primer Extend life, increase adhesion Liter / Kg Contact


Quotation of road markings

Construction of road marking paint at Quang Ninh M&E secondary school

Road marking paint is applied at locations, locations with severe weather, the temperature difference between day and night is large, withstand large and continuous load with the highest abrasive force on high highways speed on Vietnam's road system as well as in densely populated urban areas such as:

  • Highway Hanoi - Lao Cai

  • Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway

  • National and provincial roads 

  • Industrial parks, urban areas

  • Vinh Tuy Bridge crosses the Red River

  • North Thang Long - Noi Bai highway

  • Thang Long Highway

  • Renovating and upgrading black spots and other traffic projects ...

Thus, through the supply service of HP-TECH supplies, you have to know for yourself the kind of road paint and the application of this type of traffic paint. To choose for yourself a suitable type of paint, please contact us, we will advise you to choose the product that suits your needs.

Good luck!

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