Thermoplastic reflective heat-solution for road traffic

With the rapid development of Vietnam's economy, more and more big projects, roads have been expanded, and national highways have been born. And more and more advanced and modern devices are applied to the road traffic system. Typical among them must be  reflective thermoplastic paint . This is a traffic paint that is considered a solution for road traffic to ensure safety on every road.

Today road markings are playing a very important role in guiding traffic. Thanks to the road signs, the vehicles can go right on the designated road section, avoiding unfortunate collisions. This is a very effective and mandatory solution in guiding traffic. Includes: dashed lines, arrow lines, heart lines, letters or numbers to guide driving safely.

At first, traffic paint was very easy to blur and could not be seen at night. So people improve paint by adding chlorinated rubber to paint combining sprinkler to create  reflective thermoplastic paint  to create maximum efficiency with circulation.

Construction of road marking paint

Construction of road marking paint

General properties of reflective thermoplastic paint

The cost is quite low

  • Very safe to the environment.
  • Very good adhesive ability
  • High slip resistance and very fast drying.
  • Observe both day and night.
  • High durability and thermal stability.
  • Has good hardness and anti-aging properties
  • Meets standard 22TCN282-02

Description of thermoplastic reflective paint:

  • Colors: White, Yellow
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Imported according to BS 3262 standard

Advantages of thermoplastic reflective paint:

  • Ability to dry quite quickly
  • Very high durability limits aging under intense sunshine and erratic weather changes.
  • Good melting point at about 200 degrees Celsius in specialized equipment
  • Excellent adhesion ability

Thermoplastic reflective heat-solution for road traffic

Traffic paint guides the circulation

  • Thermoplastic thermoplastic  with high anti-slip, high and continuous load bearing capacity
  • The product is very stable with time
  • Softening point is quite high
  • Bright color and high whiteness
  • Can be observed clearly day and night.

-  Painting roads  is a transport material used for road marking on surfaces such as asphalt road, epoxy surface, concrete surface ...

- Thermoplastic paint has also been tested in the field under the supervision and evaluation of experts representing industries such as Ministry of Science and Technology, Institute of Technology Application and Road Management Zone 4 and 7 ...

Through the above article of HP- TECH hope has brought you many useful information about  reflective thermoplastic paint . If you are in need of choosing to buy yourself an appropriate type of traffic paint, HP-TECH with an enthusiastic and creative staff is always ready to advise all your questions. Coming to HP-TECH you will be provided with quality products with the most attentive services.


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