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Including submersible pump, sand pump, mud pump, chemical dosing pump, ... Gas distribution system with air blower.

Electrical and water equipment: Transformers, generators, voltage stabilizers, water filters, compressors, industrial machines, ...

Fire protection equipment: Types of foam and powder fire extinguishers. Central control cabinet, smoke detector (Smoke), heat detector (Heat) and all kinds of nozzle, automatic pump for fire fighting ...

Equipment of switchboard, network equipment: Including all types of telephone switchboards with full inputs and outputs required by customers, HP-TECH advises, provides and installs all types of total telephone stations, from inbound lines to extension telephones.

Lightning protection equipment: Lightning protection equipment of companies such as STOMASTER, GUARDIAN, ... A lightning protection system includes: Lightning collecting lightning striker protection radius depending on the characteristics of each project, column support needle Lightning-collecting, bare-copper cable, PVC-coated copper cable and all kinds of connectors, clamps, ... HP-TECH advises, designs and installs the entire system.

Line drawing equipment: Paint cookers, paint sprayers, pointing machines, paint dispenser, ...

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