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Quotation paint road

On road traffic works or parking tunnels, the use of traffic paint is necessary in practice. HP-TECH is a prestigious address for road marking paint, traffic paint as well as basement paint.



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On road traffic works or parking tunnels, the use of traffic paint is necessary and promotes a great effect in practice. Currently there are many suppliers as well as many different types of paint sold at the price difference according to each quality or paint company. Depending on the environment you use the traffic paint on, what conditions to choose the paint to suit the cost you need, quote the line paint easier to choose.

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Paint quality comes with the price of road marking paint

Choosing the type of paint as well as the road marking paint problem is an issue that any customer is interested in first. Depending on the area to be painted, the surface of the road should be painted, choosing paint with different prices. With Nippon paint one of the most commonly used brands today, appears on most of the road, painted tunnel markings, car parks. There are three main paint colors that are black, yellow and white. The paint colors are reflective colors, composition with reflective beads. Use in many construction projects with large and small sizes because they have good adhesion and color stability, resistance to direct impact from high external environments. At the same time the quality of paint can allow heavy loads to pass through, reflecting good light. This line of paint is mainly used in road marking works, used as signs or painted on road dividers in floors of warehouses, workshops or basements.

The parameter of the average coverage of Nippon reflective paint is about 12m2 / liter, but when applied, the coverage is reduced by about 20% to 9.6m2 / liter. This is the outstanding strength of Nippon paint line for high adhesion coverage, which leads to much lowering costs than many other paints.

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There are many types of paint and the price of each business is different but compared to the current average price in the market about 1m2 when finishing range 11,000 to 12,000 VND.

With Nippon paint for the road, there are two main types of paint are color reflective paint and regular paint. But the line of reflective paint is used the most.

HP-TECH prestigious address for road marking paint quotes
There are many businesses that provide traffic paint, road markings that make it easy for users to panic. Coming to HP –TECH, you are completely assured of the quality of products, prices and services we bring

In addition, our unit specializes in the construction of road-marking guys on all projects. Currently HP-TECH has been implementing many construction projects for factories, highways, inter-provincial highways ...

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Together with a team of experienced, skilled and skilled engineers and engineers, we ensure to bring our customers the most perfection in each project. Customer satisfaction is our honor.

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