• Self-leveling paint
  • Self-leveling paint
  • Self-leveling paint
  • Self-leveling paint
  • Self-leveling paint

Self-leveling paint

Self-leveling paint is a two-component paint, can be called self-level paint, self-adhesive paint, or self-flowing epoxy paint, is a solvent-free epoxy coating, can be painted with different thicknesses.


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Self-leveling paint is a way of calling construction methods based on the principles of product operation. This is an industrial floor solution applied in many manufacturing factories, industrial clean rooms, showrooms. With the ability to create absolute flat surface, abrasion resistance, load capacity & easy in cleaning and maintenance, this is the solution trusted by many investors and brought the most outstanding results. In order to be able to create such things, what steps are taken during the process of self-leveling epoxy paint? This will be answered HP-TECH help you right here.

Sơn Epoxy tự san phẳng

 Construction method of self-leveling paint is best known from epoxy floor paint & PU floor paint, self-leveling floor paint with many different names depending on each person, each region such as: self-leveling, self-leveling, self balance and are derived from the English name: Self-leveling.

Steps to apply self-leveling paint (Apply for both epoxy floor coating and PU floor coating).

Thi công sơn Epoxy tự san phẳng

Step 1: Grind the floor, clean the surface

   With concrete floors, floor grinding will be done with a specialized industrial grinding machine combined with vacuum cleaner. This process is meticulously done and takes a lot of time to remove old paint, surface stains and create a bonding layer for paint.
   After grinding the concrete floor, it will carry out cleaning, vacuuming to clean the surface, minimize the amount of dust sticking on the surface.
   In case if the surface has high humidity, take measures to reduce moisture and mark to carry out the anti-moisture work.
Step 2: Apply epoxy paint (or PU).

   Perform priming with special paint sprayers or rollers. This is a paint layer between concrete and surface paint. Ensure the coating process is covered and pay attention to areas with high paint drawdowns.
Step 3: Create a floor surface.

   For substrate surfaces, floors have many defects, tiny metal holes, cracks, etc. Carry out a flat surface for the floor surface with epoxy spill paint or specialized chemicals. This step acts as a buffering, moisture-resistant coating with a primer to create a bonding layer and better adhesion to the coating.
Step 4: Construction of self-leveling paint to finish the finish.

   Surface roughening to provide adhesion to the finish coating, vacuuming and cleaning similar to the above steps.
    Paste the foam tape that separates the area where the paint needs to be applied, preventing the possibility of spilling or smearing into another area.
   Pour self-leveling epoxy paint, then scratch the table evenly, rulo spikes breaking foam during painting. Paint thickness will depend on the thickness of the serrated table (usually from 1 to 3 mm) and especially the experience of the paint implementer.
Things to keep in mind with the self-level coating method.
   Unlike the method of applying roller coating system, step 1 requires a thorough process and step 4 must be skillful and agile with the shortest time. With self-leveling epoxy floor coating dry time from 15-30 minutes, but with self-leveling PU floor paint from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the environment.

   This is the painting process of Hoang Phu HP-TECH Company that is not only given to customers but also a measure for the supervisors of assessment works, workers to follow and investors arrange time task. Therefore, this process requires accurate implementation through each of the above stages to ensure the aesthetic and quality of epoxy floor painting works. In addition, product quality, mixing ratio, paint rating / m² are also indispensable to meet that perfection. You can refer to HP-TECH self-leveling epoxy paint products in epoxy floor paint products, which always have the full specifications, certifications, specifications and cost of epoxy paint. This is what we offer to bring the most peace of mind, transparency and assurance.

  Hopefully, the construction process of self-leveling paint with epoxy paint or polyurethane floor coating will be useful information for you. If you need a supplier of industrial paint or construction material bags for workshop floor, clean room can contact directly with HP-TECH for the most dedicated advice & support. Wish you have the same flat floor surface.

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