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Epoxy floor paint

HP-TECH specializes in epoxy coating construction, epoxy coating, epoxy paint, epoxy floor paint, according to the technical process of epoxy floor coating for industrial workshops from Japan, Korea, Taiwan.


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HP-TECH specializes in epoxy coating construction, epoxy coating, epoxy floor coating, epoxy floor coating, HP-TECH's factory paint application process and technical solutions for epoxy floor coating construction. Industrial workshops come from Japan, Korea, Taiwan with real images from video clips and field techniques.

Process of 7 steps of epoxy coating for factory floor and basement

Sơn sàn Epoxy

Step 1: Create concrete floor sanding.
The entire floor surface of the factory requires sanding by an industrial floor grinding machine. The roughening will help the epoxy primer bond and adhere well to the concrete floor and coating. At the same time, this phase helps to remove objects that exist on concrete floors.

Step 2: Surface treatment
The floor of the factory always has uneven or uneven position. Before conducting epoxy paint for the floor, it is necessary to treat and remove all defects on the plastered surface of 2 components specialized for concrete floor.

Step 3: Paint 01 lining epoxy paint on the treated concrete surface
The two-component epoxy primer makes it possible to cover surface defects while penetrating deep into the concrete to increase surface hardness and create intermediate bonding, increasing the adhesion of the coating to the concrete floor. Thoroughly check the dirt before epoxy primer. The location where the weak concrete floor often absorbs dry this lining should be carried out one more liner to ensure adhesion between epoxy paint and concrete surface.

Step 4: Apply intermediate epoxy paint.
Intermediate epoxy paint helps to increase hardening, obscure surface and defects. When construction should mix well and proportional to the two components of paint, roller roller spread evenly painted on the concrete surface with the quantity given by the manufacturer.

Step 5. Scrub
After finishing epoxy coatings, the sanding machine must be used to remove the sand particles on the floor before proceeding to the final epoxy coating.

Step 6: Apply the second epoxy coating.
This is the surface finishing layer, it decides big to the aesthetic and quality of construction, when the epoxy paint is applied to the factory floor with the second layer, the roller is meticulous, careful and according to the norms. manufacturer given.

Step 7: Inspection and acceptance of the project.
Dry surface after 24 hours, completely dry after 7 days. When the paint dries on the surface, light people and objects can move on the floor surface after construction. Conducting surface inspection and acceptance and handover of the project

Above are 7 construction steps Epoxy floor paint, depending on each specific project HP-TECH will send technical staff to the scene to survey and advise customers the best plan.

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