• Waste gas treatment, air pollution

Waste gas treatment, air pollution

Pollution of dust and smoke is becoming more and more serious, especially emissions from manufacturing plants are affecting the environment, human life


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Pollution of dust and smoke is becoming more serious, especially emissions from production plants in industrial zones, affecting the environment and life for surrounding people in particular and humanity in general. Therefore the emission treatment requirements of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are increasingly demanding. To minimize the source of polluting emissions, it is the practical responsibility of each enterprise to protect the community's health and ensure the sustainable development of the whole society.

Emission treatment is the process of extracting unwanted evaporation or dust compounds from the gas stream, ensuring that the gas reaches QCVN before being discharged into the environment or used for other purposes of the enterprise. Usually we use absorption method: use absorbent substances such as solvents, water, chemicals to separate the contaminants that are in the form of gas to liquid.

Hệ thống đường ống xử lý ô nhiễm khí thải

Pipeline system to treat polluted emissions


Principle of operation: Exhaust gas is brought into the treatment tower, exposed to the cleaning solution. Through this contact the pollutants in the exhaust gas are absorbed, mixed into the solution and removed.

Nguyên lý hoạt động của hệ thống xử lý khí thải

Principle of operation of waste gas treatment system


Depending on the emission characteristics and pollutant components there will be appropriate technological processes, selection of filter materials to increase the exposure of exhaust gases and cleaning solutions ...

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