• Telephone exchange, CCTV

Telephone exchange, CCTV

HP-TECH supplies and installs all kinds of phone switchboards of carriers and attached accessories and services such as programming, switchboard, connection, signal line.



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Telephone switchboard, CCTV HP-TECH
HP-TECH supplies and installs telephone switchboards of companies including: Panasonic, NEC, Siemens, LG, ADSUN, IP, China, attached accessories and services such as programming, general setup. radio, connection, test signal line. Types of CCTV cameras of Panasonic, Samsung, Analog Sony, IP Sony, Avtech, Vantech, Nikuni, LG, KOCOM, ARGUS, video card, camera recorder and all kinds of components and accessories. The main work that HP-TECH performs in this area is Design, supply, installation of internal telephone switchboard, CCTV, light power and computer network.

Telephone exchange and components:


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Surveillance camera: Peace of mind to choose surveillance camera system with our solution

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With good network solutions HP-TECH performs Consulting, providing and installing the entire system to ensure customers a perfect network.


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